1. Establishing a disease based biobank (named SCHIZOBANK) collecting both phenotypical and environmental data and biological materials from schizophrenia patients:
SCHIZOBANK will be applied for the identification of genes and genetic variations that influence disease susceptibility. In addition it will be also used to find biomarkers, which speed up the diagnosis of the disease and help monitor the drugs’ effect.

2. Revealing different relations between the symptoms and the treatment of schizophrenia at the molecular level by using the arsenal of the systems biology approach:
We will identify biological and clinical predictors (biomarkers) of patient response and adverse side-effect profile during antipsychotic drug treatment.

3. Determining markers and pathways of the metabolic syndrome adverse effect of antipsychotics in humans, in rodent experimental model systems, as well as in in vitro cellular systems:
The effects of prototypic antipsychotic drugs will be examined in these models and molecular signatures of drug effects as well as mechanisms of action will be identified.  

Biobankon alapuló biomarker felfedezése és molekuláris mechanizmuskutatása az antipszichotikus gyógyszerek fejlesztésében című projekt hivatalos oldala.

A projektet a Kutatási és Technológiai Innovációs Alap terhére kiírt Nemzeti Technológiai Program Élettudományok alprogramja útján a Nemzeti Kutatási és Technológiai Hivatal támogatja.

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